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Other Information for Doctors


How heavy? How often sanitary pad/tampon needs to be changed? Heavy for how many days?

Any symptoms of anaemia?Any intermenstrual bleeding to suggest endometrial pathology?

Pelvic Examination:
Pelvic mass, tenderness

Speculum exam: cervical lesions, pap smears

FBC, Fe studies, TFT, Coag
TVUS looking for:
Endometrial issues: hyperplasia
Intracavitory lesions: Polyps or fibroids
Wall lesions: fibroids, adenomyosis

Medical Therapy:
Tranexamic Acid (Cyklokapron)
Action: Antifibrinolytic
Dose: 500mg x 2 QID (100)
Indication: HMB (consider alternative if not effective after 3 cycles)
CI: History or risk of arterial or venous thromboembolic disease
Caution: concomitant use with COCP
SE: Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, Visual disturbance, seizure

NSAID (eg Ponstan Mefanamic Acid)
Action: Inhibits Prostaglandin synthesis

Dose: 250mg x2 TDS
Note: Not as effective as TA or Progestogen

Progestogen (Primolut N 5mg 30)
Action: Stablise endometrium, inhibits tPA, enhances vasoconstriction
To arrest acute HMB: 5mg tds x 10 day
Cyclically: 5mg daily day 5-25
Continuously: 5mg BD for 4-6 months
CI: History or risk of arterial or venous thromboembolic disease
SE: breast tenderness, acne, weight gain. bloating, moodiness, migraine

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills(COCP)
Action: Stabilise lining of uterus, suppress cyclical hormone changes, prevent mid cycle oestrogen surge.
CI: thromboembolic risks: Obesity, Hypertension, smoking
Caution: Monitor fibroid growth
Note: No specific studies that OCP reduces HMB in fibroids or adenomyosis.

Progesterone-releasing IUD (Mirena)
Action: endometrial atrophy
Caution: Submucosal fibroid: bleeding due to friction, difficult to insert or expulsion.
SE: similar to oral progestogen; continuous spotting or bleeding.

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