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Are there fibroids too big or too many for UFE?

Dr Eisen Liang - Friday, May 25, 2018

Are there fibroids too big or too many for UFE?

Generally speaking, there is no fibroids too big or too many for UFE. In other words, there is no fibroid size limit for UFE. The recovery could be longer and more challenging with large fibroids. Giant fibroids as large as 4 kg has been embolised without significant side-effects or complications.

Whether there is one fibroid or multiple fibroids, blood is still supplied through the same 2 uterine arteries. As a result, regardless of how many fibroids there are, they are still treated by the same UFE procedure.

Although there is no upper limit of how big or how many fibroids can be treated, a uterus with bigger or more fibroids will have a larger volume to begin with, which means the treated uterus will also end up being bigger after treatment. We need to be realistic about uterine or fibroid shrinkage. The fibroids will shrink but will not completely disappear. Having said that, our study shows that over 90% of women treated with UFE were happy or very happy with the outcome.

Dr Eisen Liang is an interventional radiologist with special interest in gynaecological intervention such as Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE), adenomyosis embolisation and ovarian vein embolisation for pelvic congestion syndrome. He performed his first UFE in 1998 and has been performing UFE at Sydney Adventist Hospital since 2007.
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