Thanks again for making life a whole lot easier! by H.G.

She is back to full strength and loving life by C.G.

I am so grateful for a second chance and the option to be a mother. By L.C.

Thanks again for making life a whole lot easier! by H.G.

I found the embolisation technique to be quick with some sensation during the procedure, like mild period pain, and afterwards the pain just felt like period pain. I actually found the that pain-relief drugs upset me more by making me really nauseous so I was taken off the drip and found that the pain wasn't any worse. I was able to go home after a two night stay and move around without too much effort. I was off work from 27th April to 6th May but mostly as precaution rather than due to pain. I had some mild spotting but not too much pain only taking Panadol for the first few days. I didn't take the pain relief tablets prescribed to me at the hospital as I didn't need them.

My first period was 5 weeks after the surgery and I already noticed that it wasn't as heavy as before and my cycle returned to the 28 days immediately. I had a few days of light spotting at the end of each period lasting 3-4 days but was only for the first few periods. By the 2nd and 3rd period that change was dramatic and I didn't have the very heavy days.

Before I had to go to the toilet every hour to change so I didn't have the stress of worrying about long trips, I spend an 1.5 hours door to door each trip getting to and from work meaning that I would have to double-up on protection, and I didn't feel as though I couldn't go anywhere because of the inconvenience.

I used to avoid going out so I turned down invitations. I also had to make excuses to my manager to work in a location closer to home because the travel time made things difficult (not easy when your manager is male!). I was also really worried about soiling clothing so wore a lot of black and had to be careful about what I wore.

I had a further blood test in June and I was cleared of any anemia as my blood counts had returned to normal. My iron had dropped a bit but my GP wasn't worried as he said that my body was using the iron to create red blood cells rather than me losing it every month.

Things have returned to normal and I'm going out without problems and not carrying around or wearing extra protection. My husband has also noticed the difference as he was affected with what he could and couldn't do and he'd have to make excuses for me for not going out.

The technique hasn't left me with any side effects or scarring or pain and it's so simple and easy. To think that I may have been referred for a hysterectomy if I had another GP is pretty frightening.

If you need anything else from me or want to use this information for other doctors please go ahead. My husband will send you an email sometime with his thoughts.

Thanks again for making life a whole lot easier!

She is back to full strength and loving life by C.G.

My wife had your procedure to reduce her fibroids, which were sapping her of a lot of red blood cells. She was very ill for a long while until she was referred to you by way of Dr Jeremy Tham to Dr Beven Brown.My first impression was how easy it all unfolded, from her first consultation to post surgery.

My wife is a very active person who will see everything there is to see and be involved in a host of different activities. She was hamstrung by her Fibroid problem that needed her constant attention to work her very day life.

Her embolisation has maintained her new found high red blood count to a very healthy and safe level, which has made her much happier and healthier. The main difference is that she can go about her normal life with out the worry of Fibroids sapping her of all her energy and avoiding places and events because she was feeling flat or exhausted.

She is back to full strength and loving life, I highly recommend your work and feel that more or all women suffering with Fibroids must take this action before going down the road to removal of their Uterus.

The procedure was easy on her body and the results are astronomical, so thank you for your work and care and I hope you will help a lot more women with their health.

I am so grateful for a second chance and the option to be a mother. By L.C.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do as I have quite often thought of ways to help other women who are in the same situation.I am so happy to help raise awareness in order to help someone else out there!

You are the reason for my sweet little boy and I can never thank you enough!!!

About 10 years ago I started seeing several doctors, as I knew there was something wrong with my body, just not sure what it was. My symptoms were severe iron deficiency, unexplainable weight gain, mood swings and in general very lethargic.

As the years passed all would tell me I simply needed to change my diet and one even gave me a course of 6 iron injections to fix the problem.It wasn't until I was so tired of having the same problems that I went to see a few specialists and years later one finally diagnosed me with having an unusually large fibroid in my uterus.

I was referred to one of the best gynecologists to see what my options were and after a long journey to this point, I was told my only option was a hysterectomy and that I would never have any children.

My husband and I were devastated and very emotional that day in the doctor's office at the thought of never having the option of having a child and the doctor was quick to get me to sign the hospital paperwork to have the procedure done as soon as possible.

I decided to check one last doctor whom my sister and friend had to deliver their children and was told I did have another option of Fibroid Embolisation.

Basically after more consultations I elected to have the Embolisation done and keep my uterus in tact.

Now 4 years later have better health and a very healthy and happy 10-month-old little boy who is the best thing that has happened to my husband and I.

I am so grateful for a second chance and the option to be a mother.